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Pictured is Gina Barreca reading an excerpt from her new book, The ABC of Vice, an insatiable women's guide, alphabetized.
The Archaeology of Connecticut: The Human Era --11,000 Years Ago to the Present Cover Image
By Kristen Keegan (Editor), William Keegan, Jr. (Editor)
ISBN: 9780939883035
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Published: Bibliopola Press - November 1999

The Archaeology of Connecticut is a rich discussion of the work that archaeologists are engaged in, what they look for, and the methods they use. It is a celebration of the importance of understanding and preserving the past, of putting together the puzzles left behind by earlier inhabitants, and of the numerous important sites already identified.

The Blue Laws Cover Image
ISBN: 9780939883042
Availability: Special Order
Published: Bibliopola Press - June 1999

Connecticut's so-called Blue Laws have been famous (infamous) for years. Now you can read a compilation of this 17th century legislation yourself. A resource for historians, fun for modern day tipplers, a must for anyone interested in colonial lore.

An ABC of Vice: The Woman's Bedside Companion Cover Image
ISBN: 9780939883110
Availability: Special Order
Published: Bibliopola Press - September 2003

During the early nineteenth century, John Warner Barber, an amateur historian, an engraver and a painter, traveled around Connecticut sketching town greens, hotels, schools, churches, and harbors. He collected local history during his travels and immersed himself in the works of such noted historians as Dr. Trumbull. From these labors he produced Connecticut Historical Collections.

Harbor of Refuge: Being the Recreation of Four Seasons of an Offshore Lighthouse from the Authentic Journal of S. P. Jones, S.N Cover Image
ISBN: 9780939883073
Availability: Special Order
Published: Bibliopola Press - October 2000

In this salty, maritime classic, Stephen Jones describes a youthful year spent at a lighthouse. The passage of four seasons brings hilarious, touching, somber, and terrifying adventures. The tower and its assorted keepers, each in his way, are assaulted by vessels run amok, by boozy and lascivious fishermen, by birds, fogs, fantasies, and the looming specter of a storm. First published in 1981, this new edition includes a new afterword by the author.

Too Much of a Good Thing Is Wonderful Cover Image
ISBN: 9780939883066
Availability: Special Order
Published: Bibliopola Press - May 1st, 2000

In this wise and witty collection of essays, Regina Barecca brings alive the moments in her life that, while unique to her, speak to each of us. She shares stories about the fun loving Italian aunts who taught her to dance, the young man she followed to London and the truths she learned about herself during that youthful soujourn, the mysterious scrap of a family letter she found, her mother's French Canadian roots, and her own hysterectomy. These are stories that make us laugh out loud, that teach us about family, and friends and love. Written with honesty and humor, they offer a clear-eyed look at modern life.

The Writer Within Cover Image
ISBN: 9780939883011
Availability: Special Order
Published: Bibliopola Press - December 1st, 1997

The classic book on writing by the award-winning editor of The Hartford Courant's Northeast Magazine. Lary Bloom has discovered and nurtured many new talents, and published early works by successful authors. In The Writer Within, he shares the stories of those he has published and offers the reader the same encouragement and advice he gives to his magazine contributors. This is a book for anyone who has ever thought about writing, for those already published who seek a bit of inspiration, and for anyone who wished to help others find self expression on the page. Filled with wisdom, The Writer Within is a writer's best friend.

A Naturalist Buys an Old Farm Cover Image
By Edwin Way Teale, Ann H. Zwinger (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9780939883028
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Published: Bibliopola Press - October 1998

Edwin Way Teale won both the Pulitzer prize and the John Burroughs Medal for distinguished nature writing. His work ranks with the best, that of Thoreau, Muir, Burroughs and Olson. In A Naturalist Buys an Old Farm he gives us not only his most personal writing but some of his finest. Considered by many to be his greatest book, it is as relevant today as when it was first published.